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Invent tools to help students stay in the classroom safely by respecting the rules and distances, during and after the COVID-19 emergency

This special call is dedicated to students and teachers who realized original tools to help students stay in the classroom safely, respecting rules and social distances imposed by the COVID-19 emergency. Photos of tools invented, together with a short description of the project, will be published in a photogallery available through the conference website. Their author(s) will be invited to participate in a dedicated roundtable during the conference. 

Participants who want to show their creations must send up to two pictures representing the tool and/or the project, together with the form available here.

The form and the picture(s) must be included in a .zip or .rar archive

Documents to join the SPECIAL PHOTOGALLERY

We remind that all authors must fill and send the consents within the call for papers deadline. We recommend reading carefully the istructions before filling the consent.

To send the materials for the Photogallery: CLICK HERE
Useful documents: description form

To send the consent(s) for Photogallery: CLICK HERE
Useful documents: consentinstructions to complete the consent