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FabLearn Italy 2019

Moments of the past edition

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The staff of the LabMACS of Università Politecnica delle Marche participated in organizing the FabLearn Italy 2019 and presented their researches to participants.

FabLearn Italy 2019 took place from 20th to 22nd November 2019 at the Engineering Faculty of Università Politecnica delle Marche (Ancona).

Overall, around 250 researchers, teachers, educators and professionals, and 700 students, took part in the conference, also thanks to the related event Marche Drone-Week.

FabLearn Italy 2019 hosted keynote lectures, presentation of scientific papers and posters, workshops, laboratories realized by pupils of kindergarten and primary school, seminars and the opening event of the Erasmus+ KA201 project RoboPisces. Participants discussed on the introduction of digital fabrication and robotics in teaching, assistive robotics for education, the “maker” culture, hands-on learning and innovation of learning environment, with the aim to investigate how innovative educational tools and methodologies can support a novel, more effective and more inclusive learner-centred education.

Keynote lectures were given by Paulo Blikstein (Teachers College, Columbia University), founder of the FabLearn project, Fiorella Operto (Scuola di Robotica), Maria Ranieri (Università di Firenze), Linda Daniela (Latvijas Universitate), Luisa Zecca (Università Milano-Bicocca), Samuele Borri (Indire), Kasper Kjeldgaard Stoltz (NERD Architects), Giovanni Nulli (Indire).

FabLearn Italy 2019 was organized thanks to the collaboration between INDIRE and Università Politecnica delle Marche, and was funded by the PON “Per la Scuola” 2014-2020 Progetto Coding e Robotica (Project code 10.2.7.A2-FSEPON-INDIRE-2017-1 – CUP: B59B17000000006).

FabLearn Italy 2019 was associated with the Marche Drone-Week, a national event consisting in workshops for secondary school’s students, drone FPV exhibitions and professional driving competitions.

Visit the virtual gallery of posters presented at FabLearn Italy 2019.

Click here to download the conference book of FabLearn Italy 2019.