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3D printing of tangible objects of “un tuffo nel blu” in a cartoon style to avoid Uncanny Valley realized through distance education in the high school due to COVID-19


Michele Domenico Todino, University of Sannio of Benevento, Italy
Lucia Campitiello, University of Salerno, Italy
Giovanni Minucci, Coop. Soc. Il Tulipano, Italy
Stefano Di Tore, University of Salerno, Italy


This work presents a project to develop 3D Digital Assets based on archaeological finds found inside “Tomb of the Diver” located in the National Archaeological Museum of Paestum. After this first stage, the project has been adapted to support another project, a distance education set of lessons for a PON – National Operational Program for the 2014-2020 higher education schools – which will take place at the IS Caravaggio in San Gennaro Vesuviano (Naples, Italy) in January. The main goal of this second step is to create a virtual manufacturing laboratory based on the maker approach, in which students will be able to study cultural heritage through a 3D print of archaeological finds. Researchers decide to print a cartoon version of these objects to avoid Uncanny Valley and use these resources to teach how to develop games’ digital assets. Furthermore, this process of designing (through CAD software) and physical realization of artifacts (with the 3D printer) involves many higher cognitive functions, favoring the development of soft skills and the acquisition of information technology skills in students.

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3d printing, museum education, uncanny valley, archaeological heritage, mobile learning.

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Maker Space e Fablab nelle scuole secondarie superiori: l’approccio maker all’insegnamento e all’apprendimento.