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For a new geography of the learning space. A case study in Abruzzo.


Maddalena Ferretti and Michela Paoletti, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italia


The paper explores an integrated design approach to school building design starting from a case study in Abruzzo. The need to reconcile architectural and structural aspects becomes an opportunity to improve the connection between school and urban context. The school is reinterpreted as a multi-functional space to offer activities and services to students and the commu-nity and to open up to the city. The analysis of best practices helped focus-ing on current innovative standards and solutions to create more and more open and flexible learning spaces where students can learn by doing, can have places for exchange and sociality, can confront themselves with differ-ent approaches to education. The Italian case study is particularly critical with regard to the school building stock’s conservation and, especially in the emergency of the pandemic, it requires a special attention from politi-cians, administrators, but also designers. A new opportunity is offered with this crisis, to finally solve structural and ‘endemic’ issues of the Italian school system and address safe, sustainable and more inclusive schools in the new millennium.

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School design, learning geography, integrated approach.

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