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Patrick Fransen and Loes Thijssen

Patrick Fransen (founder and principal architect) and Loes Thijssen (associate partner) are leaders of the NOAHH I Network Oriented Architecture, a multidisciplinary architecture firm driven by the ambition to meet the challenges of a constantly changing society and specialised in complex projects with a social agenda, such as cultural, educational and public buildings.

NOAHH is fascinated by the interaction between buildings and the environment and aspires to design innovative buildings that are user-friendly 24-7 and that gradually transform into a canvas for interpretation, rather than a defined place that’s set in time. NOAHH’s vision is based on six principles that complement each other and that explore the role of the architect in contemporary society: encourage social interaction, foster polyvalence. create (y)our context. stimulate innovation, set new identities and share knowledge.

Awards: In 2019, the MFA Onderdak was shortlisted for Most Sustainable Building of 2019, and was nominated for the Best School Building of 2019 by Architectenweb. In 2018, NOAHH was nominated for MFC Doelum by the Dutch architect’s association (BNA) for best-building-of-the-year award, and the project won the ARC28 Interior Award.

In 2020, MFC Doelum is eligible for the ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards. In 2015, the TivoliVredenburg project was awarded the Rietveld Award. In 2011, the green and sustainable neighbourhood Schoolenaer won the Lieven de Key Penning, earning the first prize for the best urban masterplan in Haarlem.